Vesper Bar

Vesper Bar

Verper bar

In the midst of the hip and cosy neighbourhood Jordaan, there is this small peculiar bar, where the bartenders are not tall and have long beards. The Versper bar serves many different cocktails, but the most popular is the Zombie.  It is a passionfruit punch cocktail and is very good actually. First, you have to take a shot of the flaming drink inside the passion fruit and then drink the rest of the cocktail. They say this drink is so strong that you are only allowed to have two per night. But with a little bit of persuasion we were allowed to have 3 🙂

The cocktails cost around 13 euro’s each, so it was a good cue not to drinks too much. And be sure to be there on time, because the bar is very small and usually full. But nevertheless, this bar is definitely worth the visit.

The Vesper Bar

Vinkerstraat 57

Verper zombie cocktail

Zombie cocktails