La cité de l’amour et la lumière (The city of love and light) as the French call it. From Amsterdam, Paris is only a 5-hour drive. It’s an easy drive until you reach the city of Paris. Then everything becomes a blur, as the streets are large and the signs aren’t very clear, especially when your French isn’t that great. And you have to drive aggressively. We got lost many times, but even though the French are known for their arrogance and unkindness, we did get help to find the way.

We stayed in a hotel near la Défense, which was a few metrostops away from the city center. I always use the tube when in Paris, as it is conventient and walking is just too far.

Of course, the most remarkable building in Paris is the Eiffeltower, which you can see from everywhere in the city. Even from my hotel in the suburb!


Another favourite is the Sacre Cour. You have to travel all the way up the hill with the cable way which is cool, then climb some stairs to reach the church. The church is beautiful, how do they keep it so white? From up there, you get an amazing view of Paris. On the other side of the church, painters hang out and you can let them paint you a portrait for a small fee.

My favorite museum in Paris is of course La Louvre. It is so massive, there’s so much to see. My favorite part is of course the crown room. I was looking for the Mona Lisa and found it hanging on a huge white wall with the painting in the middle and a herd of tourists in front of it. The painting was smaller than I imagined it would be but very beautiful. Word of advice: do not try to take a picture of it. It is utmost prohibited and they will confiscate your camera if you even hold it in your hand.

For shopping, the Champs-Éllysée is fancy and sophisticated if you have a big wallet. Otherwise, it’s nice to stroll around and pass the Arce de Triomph. The Saint-Germain-de-Prés is also a nice place to go shopping or drink a coffee in one of the café’s. I found a nice English bookstore there. And of course, the ultimate shopping center in Paris is La Fayette.



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