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Boracay is one of the small islands in the middle of the Philippines (Visayas). Nowadays, it is very touristic, full of hotels and venders, which might not sound nice, but the pleasures the beach gives makes you forget it all.

Boracay Philippines 2

Boracay Philippines 3It was my first time in Boracay. I was with my boyfriend. We stayed at the Boracay Beach Club and booked a package. Our hotel was situated in Station 1, which is what i call the high class station. Station 2 is the party part with many clubs and bars and therefore had a less attractive beach. Station 3 is in my opinion a disaster. There are many gypsies sleeping on the beach. Everything is much cheaper there though, the shops and massages, etc.

We took a plane to Kalibo costing around $50, as this is much cheaper than going to Caticlan ($150). From there, we were picked up by a hotel employee (included in our package). We got into a bus for an almost 2 hour drive, which was long but the scenery was great and made the time fly by. Boracay Philippines 4

Then from Caticlan, we got into a boat to go to the island. If you don’t have a hotel employee, then you can hire one of the guys there to carry your bags for you, just pay them 20 pesos. Our hotel employee bought all our tickets and brought our bags in the boat.

Boracay Philippines 5

The hotel employee brought us to our hotel. The Boracay Beach Club (BBC) is a 4-star hotel in station 1. It is not directly on the beach but one street away, which might sound bad, but is actually alright. Like most of these hotels they have a restaurant directly on the beach, where you can eat breakfast and have some drinks. Our package included a 7 nights in a huge Deluxe bedroom with breakfast, the transfer from and to the airport, a banana boat ride, Sunset sailing, 2-hour island tour, 1-hour massage, 12 drinking vouchers and 2×500 pesos dining vouchers for 2 persons for only $700!!! which is a pretty amazing deal.

The hotel itself was good, there is a pool, but why go to the pool if the beach is just 50 meters away. The staff is very friendly.

Boracay Philippines 6

Breakfast on the beach is amazing, makes a great start of the day. After we finished our breakfast, we went swimming and sunbathing on one of the sun beds. Most of the time the hotel had a police man to make sure the venders didn’t bother us. And every day, we had one activity.

The banana boat was fun for old and young. The sunset sailing was nice but pretty quick not even 10 minutes. We just took a picture and the boat went back. I don’t know if i would have done it (for 600 pesos) if it wasn’t included in our package.

The island tour was nice: they bring you to Pucket beach, which is a much quieter beach. Though the beach is less refined than in the stations, it is still very beautiful.

The hour massage was nice, though there are other places to get a massage for cheaper.

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The first evening, we got a free diner at the Astoria Resort, which was a very nice hotel. There are lots of nice places to eat and go out in Boracay. There are also plenty of restaurants in the D’mall (the only small and prehistoric mall in Boracay). My favorite restaurant is Andok’s.

Popular places to go out are Epic and Wave, which are both classy and expensive. If you prefer a more local and less high profile club, you should visit Club Paraw. It was right in front of our hotel and much fun.

Boracay Philippines 13 Boracay Philippines 14

After 7 days, I took the last pictures of this beautiful and fun island. Sadly packed our stuff to leave the island. On the boat trip back, we decided that we were definitely going back to Boracay again.

Things to do in Boracay


Paraw-sailing (sunsetsailing)



Wakeboarding (on the other side of the white beach)

Surfing (on the other side of the white beach)

Banana boat

Ariel’s Point (whole afternoon: a boat sail to Ariel’s Point with lunch)

Island tour

Boracay Philippines 15 Boracay Philippines 16 Boracay Philippines 17 Boracay Philippines 18

Boracay Philippines 19


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