Nailart: Glitter & Jewels

Nailart Nail Tutorial Glitter Jewels 2

This easy nail tutorial glams up your nails instantly! All you need is a nice pastel colored nail polish and a glitter nail polish. First, paint two pastel layers on the top of half of your nails. Then paint the glitter coat on but paint two-third of the nail. Do this again but then take the top of half of your nail. At last, put one-third of the glitter coat on top. You will create this blending effect with every kind of glitter nail polish. Tip: Change the lilac color and take a nude base with silver glitters for a more subtile and romantic look!

Nailart Nail Tutorial Glitter Jewels 1

I hope you’ve enjoyed this easy tutorial and give it a try!

Nailart Nail Tutorial Glitter Jewels 3

Beauty Review: Victoria Secret vs Collistar Fragrance Mist

Collistar Body Aromatic Water with essentail oils and floral extracts and Victoria Secret Beauty

This review is about 2 feminine bodyspray’s.  Both seem to be girly and nice, but the important difference is that the Collistar fragrance is much more expensive then the Victoria Secret’s bodyspray. Let’s compare these two!

Collistar Bodyspray Profumo Dei Sensi 125ml
Body Aromatic Water with essentail oils and floral extractsCollistar Body Aromatic Water with essentail oils and floral extracts 1

Looks:  Beautiful flacon and the bow is really cute. The glass bottle has a luxurious look and would fit pretty well on your nightstand.

On the package: A real beauty treatment for the body providing sensory pleasure and spiritual well-being. It’s a perfume that is both intense and warm, enriched with moisturizing and reinvigorating extracts. Essential oils revitalizing and enveloping. Floral extracts moisturizing and velvetizing. Ginseng energizing and stimulating. Passionflower and wild rose toning and softening.

Collistar Body Aromatic Water with essentail oils and floral extracts flacon

Price: 32, 64 EUR

Conclusion: The fragrance has a more subtle scent. The scent is flowery and smells almost like perfume. My boyfriend likes this one, because the scent is not that strong and overwhelming. This body water has essential oils and flower extracts. The fragrance takes care of your skin because the body spray really moisturize. 

Collistar Body Aromatic Water with essentail oils and floral extracts ingredients


Victoria Secret Midnight Exotics Deep Berry Fragrance Mist 250 mlVictoria Secret Midnight Exotics Deep Berry Fragrance Mist 250 ml

Looks:  More seducive bottle, not from glass though, but still a very nice package. I like the colored mix of black, pink and gold.

On the package: Refreshing formula is infused with conditioning aloe vera and with calming chamomile
Fragrance Notes: rose, gardenia, hyacinth, sweet pea, pear and vanilla

Price: 14 USD

Conclusion: Immediately a very pleasant but strong smell, you will smell a lot of vanilla, rose and berry-like scent. You’ve got to love the scent of berries; otherwise this fragrance is just not it for you.

Ingredients:Victoria Secret Midnight Exotics Deep Berry Fragrance Ingredients


Victoria Secret body spray contains 250 ml of fragrance for 14 USD while the Collistar fragrance is much more expensive and only consists of 125 ml. I think you should set your own priorities with the body sprays. When you don’t need to watch on your budget, the Collistar body spray will be more preferable. The quality of the scent is of course much better. Also nice as a gift. But the Victoria Secret spray is in terms of price and quality definitely a very good match.


Beauty Review Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick Rouge Vernis Red 3One of my favorite brands: I personally use a lot of Yves Saint Laurent lipsticks because I like the pigmentation and the colors they offer.. But I’m still going to be as objective as I should be reviewing their new lipstick range. The newest lipstick Rouge Pur Couture is designed by Lloyd Simmonds Yves Saint Laurent International Makeup Artist and the shades are: 31 Rose Fusain, 32 Pourpre Carmin, 33 Rouge Narcisse, 34 Brun Abstrait, 35 Rouge Vernis, and 36 Corail Legende Shade I’m trying: 35 Rouge Vernis

Beauty Review Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick Rouge Vernis Red 2Package shows: Rouge Pur Couture: Pure Colour Satiny Radiance. 1 lipstick is 3,8 gram.

What the lipstick should do: Lips should be saturated with intense color thanks to the Coloreveal Technology. Natural extracts provide moisture that lasts all day. The lipstick also protects your lipstick because it has SPF 15.

Price: 33,95 EUR / 35 USD

The lipstick itself looks fabulous and luxurious because of the golden package. The lipstick gives good coverage on the lips. Red is difficult color and I actually thought that this color wouldn’t suit me well because I often use red lipsticks with a more pink pigment. When I’ve tried the lipstick on it suited well. The lipstick really has a high pigmentation and it’s not easy to get rid of stains for example on clothes.

Advice to keep the red lipstick stain of your teeth: Put your finger in your mouth and form an O with your mouth around your finger. Gently slide your finger straight out of your mouth and the red color on the inner lips will be now left on your finger.

After a few hours the lipstick on the inside of my lips was gone anyway because of drinking and eating. The lipstick was intact on the other parts of the lips.

Beauty Review Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick Rouge Vernis Red 1
Like: High Pigmentation, all the colors of the range are classy and it has SPF 15

Don’t like: After a few hours it looks quite obvious that the lipstick is gone on the inner parts of the lips.

South Korean Beauty: LANEIGE Winterland Magic Makeup Collection

laneige winterland magic makeup5

I love the South Korean brand LANEIGE! The first time I’ve been introduced to this brand was back in 2012, when my cousin Zhiling offered me this night mask of the brand LANEIGE. She used it almost every night and said I should do too, because in the winter my skin will be more dehydrated. I’m hooked on this night mask (will write about the night mask and more of this brand soon), but since then I loved every LANEIGE product that passed by. So, two months other cousin Ying went to Singapore. She came back with this holiday makeup gift package! I haven’t used it, because the glitter eye shadow would be perfect for New Years Eve but she came back after.

Today I decided to write a review about the product, this makeup box deserved it haha!

laneige winterland magic makeup7 laneige winterland magic makeup6

Package: Shiny and bright!

Package shows: A complete “all you need” winter holiday makeup collection consisting of 3 lipsticks, 4 eye shadows and one brush. (The brush and eye shadow applicator is from good quality)

laneige winterland magic makeup4

Inside are two make up looks that you can create with the eye shadow and lipsticks. Pure Fantasy and Glow fantasy, I will create two looks in this post later but not these ones.

laneige winterland magic makeup3 laneige winterland magic makeup2

Three lipsticks in the shades:  Beige Chiffon, Pink Garden and Blonde Coral
The lipsticks are pretty small, so I was wondering if it would be easy to use.

laneige winterland magic makeup1

Four eye shadows: Pearl Light Pink, Pearl Pink, Pearl Coral, Pearl Khaki
I’m not entirely sure if you could see it on my picture, but the eye shadows consist of a lot of glitter. Only the khaki shade has a lot of pigment.  The colors are nice for spring, almost all are pastel shades.

Price: Between 50 and 80 dollars. It depends on which website you go, the makeup cases are still offered online.

Pink glitter look:
There are many shades of pink, so I wanted to try out a spring look with the pink eye shadows (Pearl Pink and Light Pearl Pink) and beige chiffon lipstick. I used a little bit of the khaki eye shadow. The lipstick is not extreme moisturizing and can feel a bit dry after a few hours. Applying the lipstick was easy though. There were so many glitters that came out of the eye shadow but luckily and miraculously… at the end there were no glitters on the other parts of my face left behind. Like this look with these shades! laneige winterland magic makeup8

Party glitter look:
Only for the night! I used a lot of khaki eye shadows here and noticed that the eye shadows were not the easiest to blend. I’ve used the Light Pink Pearl, Pearl Coral  and Pearl Khaki shades. As you can see there is a big difference between the pink glitter look and the party glitter look because the khaki eye shadow is much more pigmented. I used the lip colour Pearl Coral, I really like the pink color! In the corner of my eye by the tear duct, I’ve used a little bit shiny gold eye shadow (not from the LANEIGE makeup case).
Two party looks created with the LANEIGE Winterland Magic Makeup Collection!

Beauty Review: Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Lipstick

estee lauder color envy2

Estee Lauder has been one of my favorite brands for skincare, but for makeup I rather seek for other brands. Today I’m testing Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick though and I’m quite curious, let’s start!

estee lauder color envy3

Shade I’m trying: 310 Potent

Package shows: Sculpting lipstick

What the lipstick should do: Create shape, definition and volume. Color stays for 6 hours.

Price: 32 EUR / 30 USD

What my cousin says who’s already used this lipstick before me: The lipstick is very moisturizing and keeps hydrating your lips after a few hours.

estee lauder color envy1

This lipstick itself looks luxurious and casual, I think I prefer this look more then from the other Estee Lauder lipsticks. The cap of the lipstick is magnetic. When I’m applying the lipstick, the lipstick really feels creamy and soft, the shade I’m trying looks a bit nude and peachy. I’m in love with the color! Anyway what happened after 6 hours? I must say that most of the lipstick is still intact on my lips and it doesn’t feel dry at all! Again I really like the shade of the lipstick and I think that if you are looking for a lipstick with soft color shade, this range of Estee Lauder would be a good one to consider.

estee lauder color envy4