buckingham palace

London, baby!


I can never get enough of London! It is clear why they call it “City of Dreams”. The buildings, the people, the ambiance are almost addictive. I usually go there during the summer and although London is known for it’s bad weather, my visits have always been sunny.
There are plenty of ways to discover London: by metro, which is quick but expensive (multiple days-tickets are cheaper and you can use them in the bus as well); by bus, which takes a bit longer and is quite complicated, but you do get to see more; and walking, which is probably my favorite, because you can feel the ambiance and it’s a good work-out at the same time. Also, you can get lost and bump into something very nice.


Buckingham Palace
What I like about Buckingham Palace is that it is in the middle of the city (just like the Royal Palace in Amsterdam). It’s a beautiful and elegant palace and the surroundings are well maintained (unlike the Royal Palace in Amsterdam). I like to watch the switch of guards. Word from the wise: Do not harass the guards, because you will look very stupid and really… do you like being harassed by complete strangers when you’re at work?

Hyde Park
A beautiful park, peaceful and relaxing. We had dinner in the restaurant along the water. There was a concert in the park, so it was pretty crowded, but we managed to get a good seat on the terrace with a view of the water and the swans swimming, while the sun was setting. Very romantic. But the most surprising thing of all was that the band that was playing at the concert that evening was none other than THE ROLLING STONES! What are the odds….


This luxurious store is my favorite in London. The beautiful interior and clothing heal my sorrow and make me happy again, even just for a while. One time I was there during the supersale (December 27th) and it was amazing. Almost everything was half the regular price. I felt like a fat kid in a candy store with a discount card. My favorite spot in Harrods is the Ice Cream Bar. An ice cream is very expensive (around 13 pounds) but massive and delicious!